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nuspace reviews

Welcome to our reviews section. As we all know, word of mouth and what our clients have to say about us is far more important than anything we can say about ourselves, so we are pleased to be able to share some of their comments with you below.  

  • Would have given time keeping to schedule a 10+. Timekeeping and customer courtesy were excellent. Excellent contractor would definitely use again
    Appleford Apr 2013
  • The schedule of work and payments were adhered to throughout. The work was completed exactly on time. Any queries or requests we had were dealt with immediately by the contractor. We were very pleased with the results and felt it was good value for money.
    J Ison Mar 2013
  • We now have an amazing space which we are really pleased with.
    Mr & Mrs Reynolds Feb 2013
  • Hard working, quick and responsive to requests for amendments / fixes.
    Mr Willis / Ms Brindley Feb 2013
  • nuspace provided a good quality of final build. The project was delayed due to a number of problems encountered during the project. The Project Manager on site remained professional and courteous throughout.
    Mr & Mrs Steel Feb 2013
  • Good quality work.
    Ms Sally Forest Jan 2013
  • Loft conversion completed by the contractor fully met our expectations. Work was done professionally, on time and with high level of quality. We would highly recommend to anyone
    Mr & Mrs Grasso Dec 2012
  • We had our loft conversion completed by nuspace at the end of 2012. We gave them an unmovable deadline as we were expecting our first baby only a few weeks after the completion date and despite ending over the christmas period and lots of fretting on our part they completed on time and stayed on budget. We had heard horror stories from friends who had used other contractors. So we were delighted with the one stop service NuSpace gave as we had no such problems. They were efficient, quick and considering the scale of the works it was pretty much hassle free. Their follow up service dealing with minor snagging has been impressive too. We would definitely use them again.
    Alex Burton Nov 2012
  • nuspace converted my loft into 2 bedrooms + wetroom late 2012. The things they excelled at : 1) The price is extremely competitive - not the cheapest, but very competitive - I had concerns that the cheapest would cut corners, with nuspace having met twice with Graham I felt sure I would get a quality product 2) Graham is very attentive as he is the owner so the reputation of the company is important - he was quick to respond to any questions and made a number of minor design suggestions all of which I adopted 3) Timekeeping was fantastic - the loft was finished quicker than anticipated, I was extremely pleased by this as it was done in time for Christmas 4) Getting the details right was important to nuspace - for example, the matching of my existing staircase to the new one was absolutely perfect - not every company offered this, some put in a generic one. The curved plastering on the staircase was a nice addition - some companies square it off and you feel you may bump your head as you walk downstairs, nuspace made it follow the natural curve of the stairs 5) Planning and management is good - building control was taken care of, milestone payments were structured and clear (I was wary of anyone asking for huge sums upfront) and certificates (building control and insurance) delivered as agreed up front - a very slick operation All in all, an extremely professional job with some nice additional touches. The only negative point to note (I think this applies to all companies) - be very clear what is included in the contract and what isnt - this is clearly a competitive sector and so if (for example) you want 10 spotlights rather than 8 the extra 2 are an additional cost - it sounds blindlingly obvious as I write it, however the contract is strictly interpreted - given the excellent value for money of my loft (I received some quotes that were more than double the nuspace quote) then I guess it has to be. So, as I sit here close to a year post completion - I work from home in my loft 2-3 times a week and I am thrilled with it, excellent job and excellent value for money, I should have done it years ago
    Clive Pickering Oct 2012
  • Very pleased with the work done.
    Harper Oct 2012
  • Good quality work with pleasant builders. Completed in a timely manner.
    Mrs Hannah Law Oct 2012
  • Overall very pleased with the result.
    Ms J Aliband Sept 2012
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