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Meet the nuspace team

Our professional and friendly team is here to help with any enquiry you may have. nuspace started as a family business run by the Managing Director Graham Chappell and his close family, and has now grown to include a few other vital team members.

Graham Chappell

Design, architectural and planning team

The first member of the team you will meet is your Design Consultant, who will spend time reviewing your property and discussing ideas with you. As experts in design they will present the best options available to you (depending on the style of your property and the building regulations) and suggest ways to optimise the space you have available.


From the point of signing with us Maureen will look after you throughout the prebuild stages, until you are ready for your prestart meeting when she will hand you over to your project manager and foreman.
Maureen Chappell

Project Management and Build Team

Our project management and build teams work tirelessly, efficiently and with as little disruption to your home as possible. Our testimonials speak volumes about their work and dedication to client satisfaction. Most projects are completed in 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the size of the build and any extreme weather conditions. The majority of the project is external and can be accessed via the roof or side of the building, so builders will not need to enter your house until it is absolutely necessary. You can rest assured that our project management and build teams will show the utmost respect and consideration to your home and your property at all times. Your on-site foreman will be your main contact for any questions or sudden flashes of inspiration about the design of your space. He will also be available to meet with outside contractors on your behalf, including plumbers or electricians.

Support team, marketing, digital and social media

Our support team is here to aid you through every step of the process, starting by booking your first meeting with your design consultant, through to arranging your completion meeting to hand over your Final Certificate. After your first meeting they will prepare a personalised proposal and fixed price quotation before taking you through the next steps which may include booking you to view a recently completed project similar to the one you are considering undertaking. The team also manage the marketing along with any digital and social media activities.


Bob Chappell

Senior management

Nicola Chappell
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