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Loft conversion with pod room

A pod room is the room that is built out usually over half of the back addition giving a room approximately 3m *3.5m in size. We often get called back by old clients to build this room years after we have done the original conversion to get some additional space. Pod rooms have not been possible for that long and so are a newer requirement for lofts in London. The space is often used as a spare bedroom, home office or even large luxury bathroom as the size is sufficient for a small double, large single, large office, playroom or even nursery. Pod rooms are incrementally more expensive to build on their own, so if you have the space and do not have a main loft at the moment, we would recommend you opt for the l-shaped loft shown here. However, if you already have your loft conversion in place, a pod room may be the only additional option.  

Nuspace loft conversion steps:

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