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Full back addition loft conversion in Battersea adding additional bedroom and bathroom

With house prices in London being what they are, it’s crucial to really make the most of every square foot. When this family realised that they could extend their existing loft to give them an additional bedroom and bathroom, it was a total no brainer. They enlisted the services of specialist loft conversion company nuspace London to add a full back addition onto their normal loft conversion in Battersea. The conversion was built to mirror the adjacent property for continuity, in the preferred style for the full back addition in Battersea.

‘A full back addition in London is quite unusual,’ explains Graham Chappell, director of award-winning London loft conversion company nuspace. ‘In addition to a normal loft conversion you also built out onto the back addition all the way up,’ he adds. ‘It’s becoming more acceptable to do full back additions in London boroughs, especially with loft conversions in the London borough of Wandsworth.’ Effectively what you end up with is the full footprint of the property again on the top floor.

In the back addition, loft conversion architects nuspace added an extra bedroom and a bathroom, with the bathroom on the right hand side at the top of the stairs and a corridor leading into a full width bedroom.

The full width room has become a bedroom for their son. A big skylight that follows the line of a lovely sash window keeps the room very light and airy. The sash window is really low to the floor, which maximises light and draws the eye out to the beautiful view of the garden. Light blue paint on the walls keeps it light and playful, and built in storage (that follows the line of the ceiling) ensures that there’s plenty of space for toys and clothes to be stowed away. The roof pitches down to quite a low point on the external wall. ‘What we did was vault the ceiling,’ explains Graham, ‘normally you’d have a flat roof, but vaulting it up to the pitched room line gives the room extra volume.’ The vaulted ceiling together with the large skylight make it feel spacious and light.

The bathroom feels sleek and contemporary. A big white skylight and additional sash window give it maximum light, just as in the bedroom, and mean that there’s plenty of ventilation when needed. It’s a very decent size with a big walk-in shower that features a glass shower screen to further enlarge the room. A flush heated mirror (so it doesn’t steam up), and matching floor and wall tiles make it feel continuous and further add to the sense of space.

The loft conversion cost in Battersea of the full back addition (bearing in mind the main loft had already been converted) came to around £40,000, which is just a fraction of the value that it will add to the property itself. Nuspace helped the client to obtain planning permission from the London borough of Wandsworth for a full back addition to a loft already in situ to maximise the living space for this growing family. They’ve now been so efficient with their use of space that the only possible thing left to do would be a basement conversion in Battersea. Basement conversions in London are a service that nuspace also offer. 

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